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Where can I round up?

Not only MAGNA staff but also employees of Dr. Max pharmacies help people deal with their health complications every day. Pharmacy is a place where everyone can understand health problems of others and realize what it would be like if there was nobody to help. Unfortunately, this is an everyday reality of children in countries where MAGNA operates.

Everybody can join this project. All you need to do is to round up your purchase at any of the more than 200 Dr. Max pharmacies in Slovakia.

How does it work?

The principle is very simple. Every customer who rounds up his purcharse at a Dr.Max pharmacy automatically creates special cents.  

Since 1 February 2015, every customer of Dr. Max pharmacies in Slovakia has the opportunity to symbolically round up his payment to 50 cents. The difference in cents (Magna Cents) created by the rounding is added to the account of aid projects in disaster affected areas all over the world. Magna Cents is registered on the cash register bill, each donation is therefore registered.

100% of the collected money is spent to help children at risk. 

Every month, Dr. Max transfers 100% of the collected money to the account of MAGNA which then redistributes the money to particular projects.

Everyone is helping - customers, employees, company.

Magna Cents is a long-term project of Dr. Max and MAGNA. Its aim is to save more and more children’s lives. The uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that the support comes from all sides, not only from customers. Dr. Max pledges to match the amount of money collected from campaigns twice a year. Every month all Dr. Max employees also have an opportunity to donate their hourly wage to Magna Cents project. Through this participative model we want to show that here in Slovakia, we all stick together in helping children nd families in need.

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