Our Promise to You

Our Promise to You
CAMBODIA. 2010. MAGNA nurse performs ARV prophylactic treatment to stop spreading HIV to a newborn child in Chey Chummeas Hospital. Copyright Martin Bandžák/MAGNA

MAGNA is thankful for financial help of all its supporters and sympathizers. Our work would be impossible without them.

We are proud to cooperate with you and want to thank all of our individual donors, companies and corporations, foundations and other organizations that support us. Your generosity and noble-mindedness allow us to work independently of political, economic and religious interests which we consider essential in a relationship with our patients and clients.

Regular financial donations provide long-term support of existing projects and allow us to provide flexible, efficient and directed help in crisis situations. Our supporters help with us every day.

Over the last few years, your generous donations have helped expand our field activities and provide health care for a greater number of people at risk. We have so far provided medical and social help in eleven countries across three continents around the world. We have been able to take action during the biggest humanitarian disasters of the last decade (e.g. tsunami in Southeast Asia, cyclone Nargis in Myanmar, earthquake in Haiti and typhoon Hayian in the Philippines) or earthquake in Nepal. 

Our aim and commitment is to widen our activities and to help the greatest number of children at risk possible.

Thanks to your support we can:

  • Freely choose a place for performing medical and social help
  • Act quickly in the time of humanitarian disaster where it is needed the most and regardless of ethnic, religious and political interests of our patients
  • Create innovative projects to help individuals. For instance, MAGNA operates a program that aims to stop transferring HIV from mother to child. Our innovative approach to treatment and care for mother and her child allows as many as 98% of newborns to live without AIDS.


Private donations are necessary for us to be able to work independently. They allow MAGNA to react in countries and regions that are forgotten by the media and modern companies. Through our news and publications we inform donors about our activities and situations we are in right now. When distributing your general donations we believe in your utmost trust that funds are channeled to places where help is needed the most. However, if you do decide to give your donation only to a particular area of projects of MAGNA, we will respect your choice.

Every donor receives news about where, to whom and how he is helping. You can find your personal profile on www.magna.sk where you will also find the overview of the funds you donated to MAGNA. Every donor has access to his private profile by entering his email address and password.

Please, bear in mind that MAGNA uses a small part of all collected private donations (including those that are limited for particular projects) for fundraising and administrative costs. We are trying to minimize these and use at least 80% of your donation for projects alone. If we are not able to use your donation in compliance with your requests (for example in case of finishing projects or when donations surpass needs for particular project), we will contact you and discuss alternative uses of your donation to help people at risk. MAGNA never extends intervention in order to use financial funds assigned for particular project.


Humanitarian projects are mainly focused on saving lives and reducing the suffering of those who are at risk. Armed conflicts and unstable political situations have a destructive impact on common people - direct violence, forced displacement, epidemics, starving and psychological trauma are common consequences. These are often connected with the collapse of local medical services.

The main priority of MAGNA is to provide medical and nutritive help to victims of conflicts and crises. Suffering associated with infectious diseases that are often ignored by national governments are another main area of our program focus. MAGNA aims to provide appropriate treatment and care to people with diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, cholera, malaria, dengue fever and others. MAGNA also reacts to the needs of people who do not have access to basic health care and helps victims of natural disasters.

Our decision to take action in the time of a crisis is based solely on our independent evaluation and people's needs, not on political, economic or religious interests.

Every year, MAGNA sends doctors, nurses, logisticians, administrators and other medical and non-medical professionals to the field who work side by side with local medical stuff. MAGNA has currently approximately 500 field workers worldwide.

Projects are structured in detail prior to their start and they are evaluated throughout the whole period of operation. When necessary, clearly defined quantitative and qualitative objectives are revised. Duration of each our action is based on needs that are defined and evaluated throughout the mission. Projects and needs are evaluated continuously by a standardized system of data collection together with continuous studies.

MAGNA is determined to ensure that its help reaches the people to whom it is addressed. Due to this commitment, we insist that our field workers have access to medical institutions, communicate with people directly on the spot, and that they independently evaluate needs for providing help. MAGNA implements and operates majority of our projects on its own. In rare cases, we may provide financial support to other humanitarian organizations, community groups or healthcare institutions with which we cooperate in particular areas.


Each MAGNA project has its detailed budget, which is re-evaluated on a regular basis. Project Managers monitor the budgets of individual projects throughout the year to ensure that all operations are carried out responsibly and in accordance with the project’s objectives. All budgets are checked and approved by the Board of MAGNA. The operational department of MAGNA in Slovakia is responsible for the implementation of humanitarian projects.

MAGNA in Slovakia goes through an independent financial audit every year. To demonstrate our transparency to our donors worldwide, MAGNA combines the accounts of all our offices on an international scale. The result is transparent picture in a full scale of our activities.

In the period of 2003 – 2013, we allocated at least 90% of obtained funds on humanitarian and development projects.


Information that we provide you with regularly is received directly from MAGNA fieldworkers at our missions worldwide. This information serves to complete the picture and understanding of our work. At the same time, it helps you comprehend the issues our patients and field co-workers face on a daily basis.


By sending their first donation, donors agree with the processing of their personal data by MAGNA according to Slovak Act No. 428/2002 Coll. on protection of personal data, as amended, in order to observe transparency and directness of the entire program of help, until the person in question requests to be removed from the particular program in writing. Affected people expressed their agreement on processing their personal data in an inevitable scale to companies providing postal services and to other companies and natural entities that cooperate with MAGNA in providing financial help.

The donor is obliged to preserve secrecy of the information on beneficiaries he obtained. In case the donor sends the first donation without completing a form, he or she will be marked as a donor who does not wish his name to be published in the accessible list of donors.

These rules of providing humanitarian help are valid from 01.07.2010 and their current valid version is published on www.magna.sk.

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