Help via SMS

Help via SMS

You can now provide help for one child for the whole month by donating only 3 Euros from your mobile phone. Send a text message containing “MAGNA” to number 806 and become a regular donor.

Thanks to you, children will be provided with health care, medication and will not starve. At the same time you will know how, to whom and where your money is helping. Even a small sum will be transformed into a big help.

By sending a text message containing “MAGNA” to number 806, you will activate a regular monthly donation. In the text message you will receive, you will find a confirmation of your participation in the project. A symbolic amount of 3 Euros will then be automatically deducted from your mobile phone credit every month or added to your invoice.

You can cancel your regular donation anytime by sending a free SMS containing “MAGNA STOP” to 806, after which you will be automatically unsubscribed from the regular donation program.

What does your donation of 3 EUR translate into in the field?

  • it will provide therapeutic food for one malnourished child for the whole month
  • it will provide treatment for 20 heavily dehydrated children

We inform you about the use of donations and keep you up to date on a regular basis:

Everyone who sends a text message with “MAGNA” to 806 will receive a free monthly SMS informing donors about the progress of our current projects that are in operation also thanks to the funds collected via mobile phones.

100% of the funds from your SMS message helps children at risk.

The whole value (100%) of your text message is provided to the MAGNA humanitarian organization by companies O2 Slovakia, Orange Slovensko and Slovak Telekom. It is valid with any monthly plan or prepaid card with all Slovak providers - FunFón, O2, Orange, Telekom.

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