Help via SMS

Help via SMS

100% of SMS contributions provide health care on the ground to children and their families in need.

All SMS proceeds (100%) are provided by O2 Slovakia, Orange Slovakia, Slovak Telekom and SWAN Mobile to MAGNA, a humanitarian organisation.This applies to any monthly charge account or prepaid card from any operator in Slovakia and at mobile networks managed by 4ka, FunFón, O2, Orange and Telekom.


SMS 806 - regular assistance
Sending an SMS lets you say how much you wish to contribute regularly each month.



Provide: health and personal hygiene goods for safe birth.

How to activate: Send an SMS with the word "MAGNA" to 806.


EUR 6 per MONTH *New

Provide: medicines and materials to treat 20 patients a month.

How to activate: Send an SMS with the word "MAGNA 6" to 806.


EUR 9 per MONTH *New

Provide: a child at risk of hunger with one nutritious meal every day for a month.

How to activate: Send an SMS with the word "MAGNA 9" to 806.


*New At the request of many donors, MAGNA in May 2018 extended the options for sending regular SMS contributions. From now on, you can also contribute € 6 or € 9 each month. If you are already contributing € 3, just send an SMS saying “MAGNA 6” or “MAGNA 9”, and your monthly € 3 contribution will be automatically upped to € 6 or € 9, as you decide. A mobile number can only contribute once, so you never need to worry about double activation. If you wish to reduce what you contribute, just send an SMS activating a lower amount.

If you opt to stop contributing, just send an SMS with the words "MAGNA STOP" to 806.

You can activate your contribution through any operator in Slovakia: 02, Orange, Telekom or 4ka.


MAGNA regularly keeps you informed about how your gift is used:

Anyone who activates regular SMS contributions at 806 also receives an SMS at the end of the month with information about current ongoing projects funded by your SMS contribution.


€ 1 - Telekom

For technical reasons, MAGNA has had to cancel Telekom’s pilot setting of € 1 after 6 years. Our deep thanks to all donors for their long-term support. We would be very glad when you activate one of the above options to continue supporting our MAGNA projects in the field.

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SMS 836 - one-time assistance (humanitarian disasters)

Provide victims of humanitarian disasters with health care and material assistance directly from your mobile phone.You can do this with a € 5 SMS, which you can send several times. Just forward an SMS with either no text or any text to 836.

If there is something which is not clear to you, please contact us at dar(@)


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