You can change destiny of a child in Cambodia for less than 70 cents a day and give him or her hope for a better life.

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Your support helps provide everything necessary for a healthy and successful start in the life of a child - health care, good and nutritious diet, education, home and love.

Every child in the program is a victim of the HIV/AIDS epidemic that affected Cambodia at the beginning of this millennium. Innocent children born with AIDS were dying on the streets without any medical help. In 2002, MAGNA was one of the first organizations that began actively dealing with treatment and care of these children. Many of them had become orphans or lost one of their parents. Inoperative health system in Cambodia and extreme poverty of children's families were the reasons why families were not able to take care of them.

MAGNA provides children with treatment, food, education, clothes, care and a home. Your generosity helps entire community of the child. Our work influences not only children, but also caretakers, local medical workers and other members of the community. Together, we help save lives of children and give them hope for a better future.

Support of a child costs you less than 70 cents per day. Once you become a supporter, you receive a welcome package with the child's photograph and a short biography. You can build a relationship through messages and an annual update of his or her condition. You will see the difference your help can bring. You will personally recognize positive changes in the child's life and in his or her community.

Donor supports a specific child. Every child in the program is an orphan or has only one parent. This means that a complex and expensive care is needed (medication, health care, education, food, clothes, psychosocial help, care and home). For this reason, your donation is combined and used together with donations of other donors in order to improve the community in which the child lives. To provide a safe operation of the project, individual needs of every child are taken into account, regardless of the amount of donations sent in the specific month by their supporters. Financial funds are not given directly to children.

The child often stays in the program throughout his whole childhood until reaching, in many cases, 20 years of age. There are other circumstances that may result in the end of support for the particular child (the child is independent and can live on his own, the child starts living with his distant relatives). Shall this happen, we will be contacting you and transfer your support to another child as soon as possible.

MAGNA is ready to carry out its projects for children in the safest way possible. As a humanitarian organization, we believe that all children have the right to live without fear, any kind of abuse or exploitation. We have to create and maintain an environment that supports children's safety.

We believe that our donors have joined us to enforce and support our activities and that together we can make everything in our power to provide safety for the children we help. Even though the majority of people around the world have a good will, we have to protect children from those few who do not. We believe that you understand the need to protect welfare of the children we support.

That is why we do not publish their photographs on our websites. Donors receive information and children's photographs after signing up to the program. We believe that this way we can provide children with a better future.

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Project Patron

Nicolas Winton:

Sir Nicholas George Winton "Seeing I have already heard about the amazing work you do for children in Cambodia and in other countries, I am happy and honored that I can be your patron."

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