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Mother-to-child transmission of HIV stopped in 98% of cases

World AIDS Day is commemorated on 1 December and this year the 30th anniversary is being celebrated. MAGNA started off in 2002 as one of the first organisations to treat HIV patients and help stop the HIV/AIDs epidemic in Cambodia and now we are providing medical treatment to more than 3,000 children and adolescents. >>

We can help only with your help

MAGNA has been providing aid in crisis areas of the world for 15 years. How did our work look in numbers during 2016? Why is the help we give on the ground every day important? >>

From desperation to a new life

"I am 5 times grandma now," says Denisa Augustinova. Still very young to have grandchildren of her own, the co-founder of MAGNA lives in Cambodia among children with HIV/AIDS. >>

A girl who survived

Pheap lives in the MAGNA centre for orphans with HIV/AIDS since 2005. She had 5 years and an advanced stage of HIV/AIDS. If she hadn't have received help she would have died. >>

Cambodia is helping people with HIV/AIDS by using the MAGNA model

Over 36.7 million people in the world suffer from HIV/AIDS. According to the strategy of the World Health Organisation (WHO), the world should defeat the AIDS epidemic by 2030. >>

Cambodia: Children from MAGNA HIV/AIDS program become parents. They have healthy children.

MAGNA in Cambodia treats HIV/AIDS children since 2002. First children from the program are growing up to adulthood and lead fulfilling life with their own family. >>

"Children cannot be fooled," says pediatric oncologist Julka Horáková.

She was taking part at the beginning of mission in Cambodia. Together we established the clinic there and started new projects in Africa. She was honoured by Slovak president in january 2016. Pediatric oncologist Julka Horáková. >>

Cambodia: „I can go out with my friends again,“ rejoices Vibol

Vibol, our lifelong friend describes his experience with HIV treatment and help of MAGNA medical team in Cambodia to reach the happy end. >>

MAGNA is commemorating World Health Day today

Medical projects of Magna Children at Risk (MAGNA) are focused on saving lives and on alleviation of suffering for those who are at risk. Providing medical and nutritional help to the victims of disasters is one of key priorities of MAGNA. >>

Many people ask if we aren't scared of working with children with HIV

Many people ask if we aren't afraid to be near children who are infected with HIV. Of course, we must be very careful especially when it comes to contact with the blood of children, but it definitely does not have any big impact on our everyday life. >>

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