Medical care is collapsing as the conflict escalates

Last month Syria’s fragile cease fire was shaken by fierce fighting that broke out near Idlib.Thousands of children, women, and entire families fled from north-western Syria to more stable pockets in neighbourhoods. >>

Malaria – every two minutes another child dies

Malaria is one of the world’s most acute infectious diseases, striking up to 200 million people each year. It particularly threatens children on African continent and even though it is preventable and treatable, a child dies of malaria every two minutes. >>

South Sudan: where mothers cannot mourn their children

A distant outline of a person slowly walks an arid road. Only as it approaches closer, one can recognize a woman holding a child. His body is bloated and visibly feverish and weak. >>

We help babies survive their critical first month

For mothers and children living in remote and hard to reach areas the most critical part of their lives is the time of delivery and the first month of the newborn child. Provision of mother and child healthcare is one of MAGNA main activities. >>

Denisa Augustinova on Humanity

What have you experienced these past months? "I have been at the Syrian border; we are building another hospital for victims of sexual violence in Cambodia and in Congo we help people who are malnourished and victims of rape," says the founder of the MAGNA. >>

MAGNA is starting a new program to treat child malnutrition in Democratic Republic of Congo

MAGNA is launching a project in the area of Iboko and Nsele in the northeast of Congo to treat and prevent child malnourishment in 46 healthcare facilities. >>

We can only reach future mothers, such as Gloria, with the help of mobile clinics

"Distances here in Congo are huge, and the journey to the nearest hospital can take several days for a mother and her child", Martin Bandžák, describing the current situation. >>

Kasai - one of the world's greatest humanitarian crises

The thousands dead and 1.4 million displaced people are the consequences of a campaign of murdering civilians and sexually assaulting both women and children. >>

We're building hospitals with BUBO

In Cambodia, the first joint MAGNA/BUBO centre is being established. It will be particularly helping children and women who are victims of rape or HIV infected. >>

Lebanon seen through Lucia’s eyes

Lucia, MAGNA’s executive director in the Czech Republic, tagged along with Martin Bandžák to Lebanon, where MAGNA is treating Syrian children and their families in temporary refugee camps, to find out how funds raised from Slovaks and Czechs is helping directly in the field. >>

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