Croatia. 2015. MAGNA nurse during the medical checkup of syrian refugee’s children in MAGNA health centre in the Opatovac camp. Copyright by Martin Bandžák/MAGNA

MAGNA medical teams treat children in the new refugee camp Slavonski Brod in Croatia

Therefore we reacted on the biggest humanitarian occurrence in the last period – refugee crisis in Europe. Since the beginning of September we have been providing health care of children and their families who are on the run. >>

South Sudan: Mobilisator „Diktor“ Dak helps to save children’s lives

„Diktor“ Dak Dap, 23 years mobilisator of MAGNA, has been living with his oncle in Mangatain until his displacement in December 2013. >>

Philipinnes: Two years after the typhoon MAGNA helped to restore health care

During 16 months MAGNA had in the field 90 health workers. In our three centres we assisted to more than 35.000 victims of typhoon Haiyan with psychosocial assistance. >>

Lubna and her daughter saved themselves from a sinking boat

Lubna and her family come from Damask. She studied English literature at a local university and was working at a telecommunication company until her daughter was born. >>

Nepal: We are teaching people how to help themselves.

The earthquake has profoundly changed life in remote communities of Nepal. Communities here are vitally important- in places with insufficient infrastructure it is the relations within the community and attention to fellowship that help people overcome their problems and obstacles. >>

It is already a month since humanitarian organization MAGNA began providing medical aid to children and their families fleeing war

It has now been one month since Magna Children at Risk launched its operation to help children and their families fleeing war. During this time MAGNA doctors and medics treated in total 12,680 people, 5,072 of those children. >>

Witness from the border

I am sitting next to an exhausted young women, we begin to talk. Her name is Sakta and her family comes from a Syrian city of Deralzor. Because of bombing attacks and war they fled the city three years ago. Sakta, her two and half year old son Kazi and only a four week old baby boy Fadi have been on the road for two weeks already. >>

Refugee crisis: Pictures from refugee camp Opatovac

MAGNA has their medical teams at the Croatian / Serbian border who are providing medical and material assistance to children and their families fleeing war. >>

After closing the Hungarian borders, humanitarian organization MAGNA moves to Serbia

Slovak humanitarian organization Magna Children at Risk (MAGNA) has taken over the full operation of the UNHCR camp in Hungarian Asotthalom located approximately 30 km from the border crossing in Rözske. Now that the Hungarian borders have closed, MAGNA is maping Serbian routes where it will be relocating its mobile clinic. >>

MAGNA nurse Barbora and her first insights from Rozske

We had no idea what was waiting for us, at least I did not. It was my first mission, and while a short term one, I already know that not the last one. >>

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