Our Team

Our Team
SOUTH SUDAN. 2014. Martin Bandžák with the team of medical staff in an immunization center in a refugee camp in Juba. Copyright by Juraj Demovič/MAGNA

Martin Bandžák, Executive Director

He was born in Bratislava and he is a photographer. In 2001, he co-founded the MAGNA. He started the MAGNA mission in Cambodia, Vietnam, Kenya, Nicaragua, Myanmar and southern Sudan. He also participated in humanitarian missions in India, Haiti and the Philippines. Since 2002, he has been dividing his home between Phnom Penh and Bratislava. In 2008, he published a set of photos about Cambodia – Lost Lives. He has been dealing with documentary photography in the long term and he also received several awards of Czech Press Photo and other competitions.

Denisa Augustínová, Head of Operation

She was born in Bratislava, where she also studied social work. In 2001, she co-founded MAGNA. She participated in the implementation of most of its missions around the world. Most of the year, she operates in Cambodia, where MAGNA implements projects focused on HIV/AIDS and malnutrition. From here she coordinates humanitarian and developmental activities of MAGNA around the world. In 2007, as an "Architect of the Future", she presented at the Waldzell conference her visions of resolving the problem of malnutrition around the world.

Andrea Lafosse, Operation Section

She was born in Bratislava, where she studied social work and international trade. During her studies, she worked as a volunteer with disadvantaged children and young people both in the facility of the low threshold facility Kopčany and in the field. The work enabled her to recognize the problems and to assist in searching for the solutions for people, who find themselves on the edge of society. She has been working with MAGNA for 7 years. Andrea has been on missions in Cambodia and Congo and today she works in the Operation Section and is a Board Member of MAGNA.  

Michael Benedigová, Head of Communication and Fundraising

Although Michaela has been working in marketing, PR and communication for 20 years, she never ceases to find pleasure in finding answers to intriguing business questions. Moreover, she still manages to maintain her ability to see problems in a broader context and “from above”. As the Seesame Managing Director, she motivates her colleagues to not settle, but to constantly educate and develop themselves. She is also a firm believer that a company or brand reputation must be earned. Her specialization is in reputation management programs, issue management and crisis communication. Having worked on various international projects, Michaela also acts as a co-chair of the EMEA's largest network of independent PR agencies PROI, and as such is always full of inspiration from abroad.

Barbara Langsfeldová, Communication and Fundraising 

She was born in Bratislava and since 2000 she has been dividing her home between Bratislava and Prague. She has been working with MAGNA since 2011, and is responsible for fundraising and communication. Previously, she worked in the commercial sphere as a marketing manager.

Maria Chudikova, Communication and Fundraising

Michaela Huorkova, Admin and Finances

Jan Hurta, Finances

Every year MAGNA sends about 15 of its field workers to assist and help people in need side by side with its 500 local workers.


If you are interested to support us or cooperate with us, please contact: Barbara Langsfeldová, langsfeldova(@)magna.org


If you are interested to support us or cooperate with us, please contact: Michaela Benedigová, komunikácia(@)magna.org


Martin Bandžák 
Denisa Augustínová
Andrea Lafosse


Josef Barta
Juraj Vaculik
Júlia Horáková M.D.

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