NICARAGUA. MAGNA doctor examines an expectant mother at the mobile clinic service. Copyright by Martin Bandžák/MAGNA

Your money is used where it should be - for implementation and operation of humanitarian and development projects and for saving lives of children and their families.

In 2015, we used 94% of all income on our projects.

Contributions from private donors are the most important income for us. They enable us to provide help quickly, independently from grants and other contributions from the governmental institutions. Efficiency and transparency are especially important to us. MAGNA does not waste the finances for running big offices or for image campaigns.

We are transparent
- each donor who registers on our website receives a regular monthly overview about how the donatations are being used.

We cooperate on our projects with various foundations and some projects are financed via partnerships with ECHO (EU Humanitarian program) or with UN (UNICEF, World Food Program).

At its establishment, MAGNA voluntarily stated that it would use at minimum 80% of obtained means for the performance of projects and only 20%  for resource development and administration. In the period 2003 - 2015 we allocated at least 90% of obtained funds directly towards humanitarian and development projects.

Please, read Our Promise to You, where you can see how MAGNA spends its financial means.

To demonstrate our transparency to our donors worldwide, MAGNA combines the accounts of all our offices on the international scale. The result is a transparent picture in a full scale of our activities.

Expenses related to donor base development and fundraising campaigns are in the vast majority secured pro bono by our partners (more in Our Partners).

In 2015 MAGNA program costs were 1 186 290 € (94%) Costs for fundraising general management and administration reached 74 172 € (6%). At the time of its foundation, MAGNA made the commitment to spend at least 80% of its funding on projects and only 20% on fundraising and management of the organization. 

MAGNA is pleased to present extract of its audited Financial Statement, which provide a view of MAGNA’s work and is a mean of transparency and accountability.

2015 saw a increase in income for MAGNA compared with 2014. Total incoming resources of 1 273 624 € for 2015 were 93 303 € more than in 2014. 2015’s higher income was due mainly to the higher private donations income received. Individual donations and private institutions provided 63 % of MAGNA’s income in 2015.

Private income 796 756 €
Public institutional income 401 820 
Grants from within the MAGNA network 18 779 
Other income 56 269 
Total Income 1 273 624 €

Total expenditure in 2015 was 1 260 461 € an increase of 29 300 € over 2014. This expenditure can be broken down into two main categories: social mission and other expenses. The table below breaks down these categories still further.

Program 1 084 266 €
Headquarters program support 70 678 
Grants to the MAGNA network 31 345 
Total social mission 1 186 290 
Fundraising 55 965 
Management and general administration 18 207 
Total other expenses 74 172   
Total Expenditures 1 260 461 

You can read Annual and Financial reports here >>

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