DR Congo (DRC)

DR Congo (DRC)
DR CONGO. 2013. Mother and her child waiting for an examination at MAGNA nutritional clinic in Kinshasa. Copyright Martin Bandžák/MAGNA

Why are we in DRC

  • Armed conflict
  • Infectious diseases and epidemic
  • Exclusion from healthcare
  • Malnutrition
  • Social violence

What are we doing in DRC

  • Treatment and prevention of acute malnutrition
  • Assistance to the victims of sexual violence

MAGNA has been operating in DR Congo since 2009.

Currently in DRC

(update 03/2015)

In Kinshasa, we are currently running a clinic for the victims of sexual violence and treat 50 new cases every month. As a part of our malnutrition programs, we are running a project in 22 health centers, helping 20,000 children per month.

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Further information

For more information about our projects and activities in DRC please contact: komunikácia(@)magna.org

Archive of MAGNA Activity Reports from DRC

MAGNA publish each year an activity report for each country in which it operated in a given year. Here you can see archive of all last reports from DRC.

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