CAMBODIA. 2013. Child in a high stage of malnutrition visiting MAGNA clinic. Copyright by Martin Bandžák/MAGNA.

Why are we in Cambodia

  • Infectious diseases and epidemics
  • Exclusion from healthcare
  • Malnutrition

What are we doing in Cambodia

  • Treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS
  • Treatment and prevention of acute malnutrition
  • Healthcare for mothers and children
  • Care for orphans

MAGNA has been operating in Cambodia since 2002. MAGNA has been one of the first organizations in the country that started to provide ARV treatment to child patients with HIV/AIDS.

Currently in Cambodia

(update 03/2015)

In Cambodia, we are currently providing nutritional care and distribution of therapeutic nutrition for malnourished children in 12 medical centers in the area of Kampong Tralak. We are providing treatment and care for 150 childrend patients with HIV/AIDS in the hospital in Kampong Chhnang, in the National Paediatric Hospital and NMCHC. In Phnom Penh, we are helping newborn babies that have been born to HIV positive mothers. We are participating with NCHADS on development and establishment of innovative ways and methods of treatment and care for childrem patients with HIV/AIDS. We also provide complex medical and social care to 45 orphans with HIV/AIDS.

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Further information

For more information about our projects and activities in Cambodia please contact: komunikácia(@)

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