Where we work

MAGNA operates on three continents where we send our specialists and provide children and their families at risk with medical, nutritional and social care. We have more than 500 workers in the field worldwide. Please, choose one country to see more.

Chosen countries

DR Congo (DRC)

In Kinshasa, we are currently running a clinic for the victims of sexual violence and treat 50 new cases every month. As a part of our malnutrition programs, we are running a project in 22 health centers, helping 20,000 children per month.


After 2010 earthquake hit Haiti, MAGNA sent a team of medics to help the victims in Haitian Community Hospital in Port-au-Prince. Shortly afterwards, MAGNA opened a mission and began its projects focused on providing aid to the survivors of the earthquake. Currently, emergency mission of MAGNA in Haiti is set and ready to provide immediate assistance shall another disaster strike.


In less than 24 hours after the earthquake hit Nepal, MAGNA is already sending its team to the country. The team will be providing urgent medical and psychosocial aid. Mobile teams of medical staff and therapists will be sent to help in the field.


MAGNA has been operating in the Philippines since November 2013. Our emergency response team arrived just 3 days after the tayphoon Hayain hit the country. During the first days after the disaster, MAGNA provided immediate humanitarian assistance in the form of hygiene kits, rice and shelter for 15,000 people.

South Sudan

We are currently providing immunization of children and women in refugee camps in Juba, building a maternity hospital for mothers with children in the area of Terekeka in Central Equatoria and providing health and psychosocial assistance to the victims of sexual violence in the area of North Kapoeta in Western Equatoria.

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