MAGNA campaign “SHARE YOUR MEAL” is a public appeal encouraging everyone to share their meal with a child in Cambodia, DR Congo or South Sudan. By sending a text message with “MAGNA” worth 3 Euros to the number 806, everyone can participate in a regular support.

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People “share” different things on social media. However, they often share things that do not have any deep meaning. One of those is also the phenomenon of photos taken on a phone capturing the food people prepared or ordered in a restaurant. With the belief that the picture will increase their social status, people then share it on Facebook or Instagram.


The campaign shows that this method of “sharing” of the food does not have any added value. The best way of really sharing a meal via phone is by sending a text message. Pointing at this contrast we want to demonstrate what it really means “to share in the best way”.

The campaign “Share Your Meal” was created thanks to pro bono support of advertising agency Istropolitana Ogilvy, radio Expres, Fun Radio, Big Media, ISPA, Star Media, Forbes (Business Consulting & Media, Ltd.), Kaufland, André media SK and other media.

The entire (100%) yield form the collection is provided to MAGNA humanitarian organization by Orange Slovakia a. s., Slovak Telekom a. s. and O2 Slovakia s. r. o. 

Thank you!


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